My Seizure Disorder

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Hi! I’m Dee. I had my 1st seizure in Nov. 2012.I was 44yrs. old. I was at my Mom & Dad’s house. My ears starting hearing funny, I thought it would pass. So I just sat in the chair. When it got worse, I panicked & stood up. The last thing I remember was yelling out for my Mom. I came to sitting on my parents floor where it happened. I was confused & disoriented. My Mom was trying hard to keep me calm. I really didn’t know I just had a grand mal seizure! An ambulance showed up, I did not object. I went. After finding out I had, had a seizure, I wanted to know why. I was in the hospital for about an hour, then I was released. I had a catscan that showed nothing. Everyone thought I would not have one again. So I went on with my life, doing everything I had been doing. Going places & babysitting my sweet nephew. I had a great Christmas. On Jan 4, 2013 I went shopping & to the movies about 25 miles from where I live. I felt great that day. The movie was stressful & tense. I do see some like this. But this one really got to me. It was ‘The Impossible’. Right when the movie ended & the lights started to come on I started hearing that scary, awful aura in my ears. I just wanted it to go away, so I tried to walk out. I made it down the steps into the hall. That’s all I remember. I woke up in an ambulance not remembering anything. I still thought I was in my town. I didn’t even know I had been to the movies. I was so disoriented & confused. I was alone with people I didn’t know. I wanted my parents. Someone had already contacted them & they were on their way. They had to drive 25 miles. I was so relieved & happy when they got there. I can’t remember if I had a CT or not. I had an EEG in the next few days. Then I went to a neurologist. He put me on Keppra. And I could not drive for the next 6 months! I also had an MRI to see if anything would show up as to why I had the seizures. I was scared, but I had to do it so I did. It only showed some silent migraines & a little something else. Forgot the long name. But I got through it. I had a lot of support from my family! Since I couldn’t drive I walked. I live next to a theater & a dvd rental store. I got through the 6 months. Still have auras.
Today I’m doing very well! Taking care of my awesome dog, Harley, going to the movies, shopping, took some vacations, & of course visiting my mom & dad for supper. I like to go. Huge Saints fan! Went to a game last Oct. for the 1st time in 8yrs!!! Trying to get back to one! Still on my meds. They are helping. Wishing everyone with epilepsy the best! I know it can get hard. It did for me. I stayed determined, I still am! This is my story.


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My 16yr. old sweet baby! A’lee.

24 Aug

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My awesome, special doggy means everything to me! He has helped me get through a lot. I love him so much!!!

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Great to Know Sean Payton got to Visit Saints Team

6 Aug

I am so happy to know that Coach Sean Payton got to actually see and yes, talk to his team’s players and coaches! This is the first thing the NFL has done right since the so-called bounty came out. The Saints are like a family, a team that is bonded. I know it was a very emotional moment for everyone. Drew got to talk to him for a few short minutes. I know it felt good for Drew to finally talk to Coach Payton after months of not! Same for Coach Vitt. Seems the NFL and Goodell has softened up a tiny bit! Also, sounds like the NFL and Goodell maybe bribing Vilma in a way to reduce his suspension. Wow! Guessing that the league and Roger maybe a little afraid of the COURT! This is a show of the NFL cracking a little bit IMO. It seems Vilma or anyone would want to keep the defamation suit against Goodell for slandering his(their) name,but I know Vilma really wants to be back and playing with the Saints. But he does want his name cleared. To me this is a case of bribery by the NFL. Obviously they and Goodell are slightly starting to break under all this pressure. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Message to victims and families in tragic batman shooting

21 Jul

As a huge fan of the Batman movies, I would like to say how tragic and devastating this was. The movie theater is supposed to be a safe place to go and watch great movies like the Dark Knight Rises. This was senseless evil that took place. I am very saddened about this. I know all fans all over are. My condolences to the victims and their families. I will keep you in my prayers. Justice will be done. I love what Christopher Nolan said. A very good man.

Hello world!

17 Apr

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